Kaikoura 2

Had a fab time in Wellington. Was very well looked after by H and D who I met on my last visit to NZ.

Ferry crossing was very windy but otherwise ok. Don’t think I will ever tire of the view on the approach to Picton.

Malborough Sound

From Picton a lovely drive into Kaikoura and campsite at Peketa Beach about 7Km outside of town. Camp site is right on the beach so for background noise I get the ocean waves crashing against the shore – great!

En route stopped off at The Store a really cool store cum cafe for a lovely juice and slice of egg free “pianoforte”. Then, near town stopped off to watch the seals lolling about on the rocks.

Had a lovely lie in this morning followed by a leisurely breakfast and headed into town. Been pissing down with rain here since last night. But undeterred I was up for the 3.5hr walk round the peninsular.

First stop seal colony. Was nice to get fairly up close and personal with them.

Seals, Kaikoura, New Zealand

After hanging out with the seals for a bit continued the walk along the cliff
tops. Passing dramatic coastline along the way.

Coastline from Kaikoura Peninsular Walkway

The sign informs that “the mountains you see before you …” protect Kaikoura from the winds. Not much evidence of said mountains as you can see but compared to other places I’ve visited so far there *was* remarkably little wind.

Coastline from Kaikoura Peninsular Walkway

Fortunately though, I managed to get a glimpse of the mountains while driving in yesterday evening. Very nice they are too.

Kaikoura Mountain Range

So now feeling a bit less sodden after more like 4 hours of walking in on and off rain (mostly on it has to be said) having had a cup of tea (at least that was how it was described – still it was warm and wet, what can I say I was very grateful for it).

Tomorrow, weather permitting hope to go whale watching. Judging by today’s form it’s looking a little unlikely but ya never know…

Day after tomorrow will slowly make my way down to Dunedin / Otago peninsular where I will be spending Christmas hopefully soaking up more wildlife, doing a bike ride or two and just chillin’.

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2 thoughts on “Kaikoura

  • Lynne

    Hey Aba

    Your journey continues at what feels like a licket-split pace and already you’re in the South Island. Shame about the weather you’re having though. It’s that Global warming thing. There was a time when this period was the start of a proper Summer but sounds like you’re still getting the last of Autumn. Still, that’s mainly how I remember the South Island – well at least the West Coast.

    However, the scenery in these pix looks terrific and awe-inspiring. I know what you mean about the cup of tea situation. Some places just dont understand. You’re in cup-of-tea for farmers territory I suspect!
    I do hope you get to see some whales near Kaikoura. We missed out on them cos it was bad weather on the day we planned to go and there was NO WAY I was going out on the sea in that weather! I can’t even keep my lunch down on a balmy Mediterranean with just a few waves.

    I’ve never been to Dunedin (well not that I recall) but all I’ve heard is it’s very hilly to the point where some cars can’t park outside their house in case it rolls back down the hill. How true that is I dont know. I guess you’ll get to Invercargill-way..make sure if they’re in season you try some Bluff Oysters..now that is an awesome taste (if you like oysters).

    Glad to hear things going well and that the van is now a real companion..you haven’t really talked about the people you have met ..or is it hard finding people and you are too scared to say you’ve had to resort to talking to the sheep? !! Still you are now in Lord of the Rings county and all I remember is we spent all our time ooh-ing and aah-ing so expect you are doing the same.

    Winding now from work here and off to Xmas lunch with my team the off to Tesco’s for the big shop before Xmas. Weather has been cold at times (ice on the car and a real fire on at night) but yesterday was a crisp blue-sky day and today not so blue but not cold either (tho Penny thinks it is but she thinks 12 degrees+ C is cold – what a woos).

    Thinking of you and hope the weather improves enough for you to walk around in your vest and shorts and send us a photo of the same…

    Speak again to you soon and thanks for the blogs – really great to open the e-mail and get them.

    Lynne xx

  • aba

    Hello Lynne, I have met some good people along the way, just protecting their privacy 🙂 so you’ll have to wait til I get back to hear all about them.

    I’ll watch out for those hills in Dunedin and am happy to say the weather in Kaikoura is loads better than it was yesterday. But did have the heater on in the van for the first time last night.
    Glad you’re enjoying the blog, nice to have you along for the journey and hope I’m not making you *too* homesick.

    Looking forward to more ooh ing and ahh ing as I travel southward and back up the west coast.

    Enjoy the xmas festivities!!