East Cape 3

Well the last few days have been absolutely wonderful. A lot of driving but all of it completely awesome.

Am currently in Mahia about to have a bit of a rummage round the peninsular – like what I’m seeing so far.

Internet access here, dial up (and expensive) so will have to wait til I get to Napier or Wellington to post pics.

Hotwater beach was pissing down with rain but it really didn’t matter, just added to the atmosphere and well, in places the water was *really* hot.

Left Coramandel and set off for long drive round the East Cape a couple of days ago (at least I think it was). Broke my journey overnight in Te Kaha. Beautiful coastline interspersed with sandy bays and amazing avenues of flowering Puhutakawa trees.

From Te Kaha, drove to Gisborne – another all day jobby with wonderful detours to Hicks Bay and futher on East Cape Lighthouse. Climbed up to the lighthouse (millions of steps got me heart pumping but it was well worth it for the view at the top and a lovely walk up).

Amazing rugged coastline and wild, wild, ocean, sand dunes, rolling green hills and forest covered mountains. Long straight roads, long winding roads, logging trucks, more beautiful beaches.

From East Cape on to Gizzy via a petrol stop at Ruatoria. Cool little town a bit like stepping back in time. Then another couple of hours to Gisborne. Beautiful, beautiful drive through rolling countryside.

Lots of road kill (mainly possums – we don’t care about them) a bit yucky but then, I turned a corner to see a buzzard or hawk swooping down to sample some of said road kill and try to carry it off. What an amazing sight.

Arrived at camp tired but very, very, happy after a truly wonderful day.

Up early this morning (yes personality transplant is complete) to set off for Napier via a detour to Mahia which at the risk of souding boring is again truly beautiful.

Somewhere along the way have acquired a noisy companion – a cicada hiding out somewhere in the van. For such a small creature it doesn’t half make a lot of noise and freaked me out at first when I was driving along thinking wtf is that. Anyway saw her this morning and thought I’d let her stay along for the ride and relocate wherever she wants to jump off. In the mean time am enjoying her company :).

Ok Signing off for now and off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day…

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