And the rain it came… 7

Well today is definitely a wet playtime day. Has been pissing down since shortly after my last post. Windy too. Apparently this is what passes for sunshine and showers round here.

Still every cloud and all that … means I don’t mind being indoors and on the net. Now have all required gadgetry to post pics I should have posted yesterday:

Sunset from night before last

Sunset at Tucks Bay / Long Beach Coramandel, New Zealand

Bits of yesterday’s lovely walk from Colville Farm:

Walk from Colville Farm

Colville Farm, Coramandel, New Zealand

Drive back from Colville to Coromandel Town:

Fishing from the rocks

Forgot to mention yesterday, did a really nice train journey on a wee train from Driving Creek Railway just outside Coromandel town. Recommend it for the views and the journey itself.

Well hope to make it to Hotwater Beach today, apparently a good place to be in the rain. We shall see…

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7 thoughts on “And the rain it came…

  • Kojo

    Hi Sis,

    Pictures look great. Makes you wonder why we live in sunny old London.

    Anyway good to see you having a great time out there and im sure you will have lots of story’s to tell when you return, although i wouldnt blame you if you were tempted to stay out there.

    The Girls would love it out there

    Enjoy trhe rest of your adventure and will talk soon


  • Lynne

    Hi Aba

    Gosh – you’re finding places and thigns I didnt even know about,. The train ride looks fantastic. Hope you got some hot water bathing done at Hotwater Beach. The photos make me very homesick – even if the skies were grey but glad you know what Penny is talking about re the clouds. Loved the pix of the farm track/walk..really NZ.

    You must feel overwhelmed and knackerated at the same time. Sounds like a right whistle-stop tour of everything – and you even made it to Rotorua for a day from the East Coast. Blimey!

    Anyway – wherever you are today as you read this I hope its been another good one and glad you’re enjoying your adventure. Envy envy


  • Caf

    Hello My Sister,

    I’m justing writing by the grace of God to say how wonderful your journey is looking and to wish you Godspeed for the remainder!! This is my maiden voyage into the world of ‘Aba’s Place’ and what a fabulous time I am having here! Thank you in particular for the recipe for Palm Nut soup which I will be making without delay, if God will allow it.

    I hope you are still doing very fine and that the weather has improved for you.

    May you not delay in achieving you dreams and remember the old Ghanaian proverb: ‘The knife has a way of taking itself away from the hand of a child’. (Think on).

    Your loyal and gracious sister,

    Cafi x

    PS. Can we have no more of this dirty toilet talk in your journey. Flush away your filth my sister!

  • Aba

    Hey Caf, welcome. Have that steaming pot of palmnut soup ready so I’ve got something to look forward to when I get back 🙂

    Koj, def the girls would love it here. Let me know when you’re moving (sod Luton, NZ much better so I can emigrate with you.

    Lynne, sure I’m loving your country as you can see. Get the f*** out of London and back here so I can visit. Then give me a job so I can emigrate 🙂

    Janet and Gayle, I couldn’t be stalked by nicer ppl 🙂 – roll on 2008!!