Daily archives: December 19, 2007

The seagulls flew off with my lunch!! 2

Stomach just feeling settled enough to eat a carefully prepared (and well remembered) sandwich after post-whale-watch nausea. Got sarnie out of me bag and was holding in me mouth while zipping back up (so hadn’t even had a proper bite yet) – Suddenly out of nowhere seagulls and assorted mates attacked me from behind and quick as you like the fuckers swooped off with me lunch! Couldn’t believe it – […]

Whale Watch 2

Can’t believe how lucky I’ve been this trip. Woke up this morning and skies were relatively clear so it was all on for the whale watch. Feeling a little queasy having just returned from a very fruitful couple of hours marine life spotting. Saw 3 male Sperm Whales (Big Nick, Little Nick and Rua- which is Maori for 2 as he has 2 nicks). You’ll have to make do with […]