So here I am in Tokyo where I`m stopping off for a few days en route to New Zealand. Slight scare on arrival as sniffer dog took an unhealthy interest in me and “reacted” to something in my bag. Customs officials were very nice about leading me off to a wee room and doing a thorough search of my carefully packed bag. Found nothing (of course – Iwouldn`t be that stupid! but did have a mild panic anyway – unwanted visions of `Banged Up Abroad` kept drifting into my mind…). Customs officials were extremely polite, thanking me profusely for my cooperation and neatly packing everything back. By the time I got to my hotel after a painless journey, I`m pretty much too knackered to do anything but eat and do a quick reckky of the area.

Loos here are an experience! Whilst I`ve worked out how to adjust the temperature of the toilet seat, get all manner of jets of water to me nether regions, I still haven`t quite worked out how to flush. Hoping that I`ll return to my room and find it`s all just happened by some magic jiggery pokery.


Lovely sunny day here but after long flight and little sleep now struggling to keep my eyes open. Will have to save my adventures for tomorrow unless the same magic jiggery pokery that works the loo somehow manages to give me a burst of energy and awakeness. It does seem like a dreadful waste to spend this gorgeous sunny afternoon sleeping but a very early night is in order.

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