NZ the journey begins … 3

Good flight over from Tokyo.

Got picked up from Auckland airport which was very nice indeed, then dropped off to ferry to spend weekend on Waiheke Island. Great place, beautiful beaches, great company, lots of drinking and other merriment… Met a number of really cool local women and even had a go at golf (I was really crap – it’s suprisingly hard to hit the ball).

After Waiheke, back to Auckland, to pick campervan and get started on the main event. First a good deal of getting lost on my way back to Ponsonby to pick up bags and do a bit of shopping. Thankfully was sheperded to motorway by my Ponsonby host.

Setting off - me 'n' my campervan

Long drive up to Opononi, through beautiful Kauri forest.

Up next day to spend more time in the forest and see the huge Kauri trees. Then off to Pahia via spectacular views of Hokianga harbour on the way back through Opononi, a brief stop in Rawene (another beautiful little spot) and finally Pahia.

Now safely ensconsed in campsite (Beachside Holiday Park in case you’re ever out this way) – nice site, good facilities and really beautiful location. Slight hitch last night getting back from bathroom and trying to get into the wrong campervan. Somewhat startled occupant was very nice about it – needless to say I was extremely embarrassed!

Slow start today (it’s already nearly noon and I ain’t left the campsite yet) – but really early start tomorrow as I will be doing a tour up to Cape Reinga which means I’ll have to be up at 6am. I’m sure it will be worth it.

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3 thoughts on “NZ the journey begins …

  • Donna


    Just LOVING your blog! Your adventures sound amazing and I’m sure what you’ve experienced so far is just the icing on a very delicious cake still to be consumed.

    How was it getting around in Tokyo? Do a lot of people speak English or was it phrase book conversations?

    Can’t wait to read what you get up to next.


  • michele

    hi absy, what an adventure,! wierd though we don’t speak/see each other all the time, miss knowing you near byish, go fearlessly forward and have a ball lots of love michele