Open House

After fabulous week in Spain, the temptation to get out of the big smoke again soon took over and I just spent a lovely weekend in Brighton (well Hove actually). It was an opportunity to catch up with old school friend en route. Once in Brighton spent some time nosing around other people’s houses. As part of Brighton festival, generous trusting folk let members of the public wander round their houses and gardens checking out their creativity.

Of the two or three places we managed to get ourselves round between gorging on Sunday dinner and returning to London, my favourite was quite possibly the Happy House. But on the way we passed raysto, a man who makes his living painting faces on pebbles.

Open Beach Hut Exhibition

Before you rush to say “‘e wants to get ‘imself a proper job”, check out some of his work for the Open Beach Hut Exhibition 2007. Enjoy …

Other highlights of the weekend included checking out the boat made from bits of old furniture – Beneath The Stride of Giants.

Beneath The Stride of Giants

And a highly indulgent hour or so eating amazing chocolate at Choccywoccydoodah. Yum.

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