Weather forecasting is a lot more reliable these days and sure enough as predicted woke this morning to find enough snow had fallen to create the usual transport chaos and quite a few snow people. Very pretty it was too (the snow not the transport chaos).

snow scene

We don’t often get significant snow in London these days (seem to remember it happened a lot more often when I was a child) so it was a bit of an event which many took advantage of.

Of the many snow folk I came across I liked this one the most. Possibly because it was small and cute, and good things come in small packages… (on the other hand maybe this it what happened to the person who came to change the bin bag when they took off their gloves).

miniature snow person
Was pleased to see big momma was on guard nearby to look after the little one:

big momma snow

And why oh why didn’t I hitch a ride with these guys?


Expect it will all be gone tomorrow and I’ll have missed me chance to play. C’est la vie …

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