Yearly archives: 2007

Milford 7

Well the road to Milford and Milford Sound Cruise have completely blown me away. All unbelievably awesome huuuge views. I simply don’t have the vocabulary to describe what the last couple of days have been like. Well they say a picture tells a thousand words so here goes: On the […]

Te Anau 4

Hurrah, Christmas out of the way for another year. I had a really nice one. Christmas eve mooched round Dunedin during the day. In the evening had really good penguin encounter. Saw loads of them, lots of cute fluffy chicks too and was able to get up close. Got up […]

Whale Watch 2

Can’t believe how lucky I’ve been this trip. Woke up this morning and skies were relatively clear so it was all on for the whale watch. Feeling a little queasy having just returned from a very fruitful couple of hours marine life spotting. Saw 3 male Sperm Whales (Big Nick, […]

Kaikoura 2

Had a fab time in Wellington. Was very well looked after by H and D who I met on my last visit to NZ. Ferry crossing was very windy but otherwise ok. Don’t think I will ever tire of the view on the approach to Picton. From Picton a lovely […]

Sky dive 2

So second post of the day but just so excited I couldn’t wait. Mooched around Napier and got to Taupo sooner than expected. On the offchance asked about a sky dive and was fortunate enough to get in on the last one of the day. On board with me were […]