Vive San Francisco

Loving it here, San Francisco is a great city – well mostly anyway. This is my third visit, the last trip around this time last year. I’m thinking I might just have to scam a way of living / working here for a bit or something. Any offers?

For the first couple of hours or so after settling into hotel I was pretty convinced all the buildings were moving and there was some mild earthquaking going on or something. Turns out they were only moving for me so probably some kind of post flight / jet laggy type thing.

Witnessed a rather nasty incident in Walgreens whilst picking up me toiletries – don’t try shoplifting in there coz their security doesn’t mess around – they don’t exactly have a light touch with the light fingered …

Caught up with some friends here which has been really nice, and having some fab eating experiences. Notable culinary highlights so far include:

  • Great Vietnamese at Mangosteen on Larkin
  • E and O Trading Co on Sutter – sort of South East Asian fusion food, very tasty.
  • Great Ethiopian food at Rasselas Jazz Club on Fillmore and Geary – can definitely recommend the sampler delight – it’s awesome
  • In the good ole US of A so gotta have a steak – Mortons Steakhouse on Post St. did the honours for a completely over the top eating experience.
  • Fantastic Burmese at Burma Superstar on Clement at 4th Ave

Ventured across the bay into Oakland / Berkley for lunch at Saul’s Deli followed by a lovely (but windy) wander down by the marina, (great views of downtown San Francisco and surrounds), and a mooch round the very hip and relaxed Berkley.

For breakfast Cafe Encore on Post @ Mason is a firm favourite so warranted daily visits – their berry buster smoothies (to name but one) are delicious and nutritious and the service very friendly.

Enough about the food already, there is way more to do in San Francisco than just eat …

Had a rather nice time hanging out in the Haight for a while for instance.


Rain has set in big time here now so have got pretty soaked a couple of days running. All good rehearsal for upcoming trip to Peru / Bolivia. Thanks to extremely helpful folk at REI I’ve managed to get myself nicely kitted out and will hopefully manage to stay warm and dry once I get there.

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