More good things in the pipeline

Did I say all good things must come to an end?? Well that may well be true but hey, maybe from endings come new beginnings…

I’m off on me travels again soon. San Francisco CA, followed by a mad cap scheme to link up with friends travelling in South America. Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, Lake Titicaca and La Paz beckon. Looking forward to experiencing something completely different to the usual festive season frolicks.

As well as availing meself of the numerous photo opportunities and cultural experiences that will no doubt present, I’ll be enjoying the challenge of coping with the altitude, and camping for the first time in years (not really my thing see).

The locals will have the joy of deciphering my ever-so-much-less-than-perfect command of Spanish. Hopefully we’ll all survive the experience in tact. The guide book says it’s not that easy to get lost in most of the places I’ll be visiting so with any luck I won’t be proving them wrong. After my recent experience in Spain though, I’m not so sure. Watch this space …

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