TV appearance anyone?

I’ve recently been contacted by a researcher looking for Ghanaians who’ve moved to the UK in the last 10 years or so to take part in a documentary for the Japanese equivalent of the BBC.

The director and crew will be over (in the UK) from Japan from the 20th – 28th November 2006 (before and after this they will be in Ghana) and they’d love to find someone who could speak with them about their experiences during this time.

So if you fit the bill, are interested in taking part (and getting your 3 minutes of fame), and available between the above dates, contact: Catherine Main Email: telesearch at Tel: +44 (0)20 8840 3340 Ref: 2006-151.

Seems like an interesting and genuine project. Other details about the programme below:


” … Channel: NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation, like the BBC in the UK)
Documentary:World Map 2006
Broadcast: 1st January 2007
Details: ‘World Map 2007’ is an overview of the state of the world throughout 2006, and investigation into what we may expect in 2007. It will look at globalisation and its effects worldwide, through looking at trade, migration and lifestyle around the world. We aim to film in North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa looking at how relationships between nations affect citizens. We will be filming in Ghana throughout November, showing Ghana as a country with numerous natural resources, but that has also been affected by imbalances in its relationship with the EU.

As part of the documentary about the EU and Ghana, we would love to meet some Ghanaians who have moved to London, who may be able to speak about their experiences for the programme. We would love to hear about the things that have been good in the experience, and the things that have been difficult; any cultural differences they have found; their dreams when they moved to the UK and whether these dreams match with the reality of being Ghanaian in London. One thing that our research has uncovered is that for many well-qualified, professional people in Ghana, moving to the UK can be extremely difficult – while they are well-qualified and doing well in Ghana, they may find it difficult to have their qualifications recognised by British companies, and find it difficult to gain equivalent work in the UK as they had in Ghana…”


They’re also interested in meeting:

“… anyone who’s recently moved to the UK from Ghana, who may be finding it difficult to find good work here…”


“… in finding a doctor who trained in Ghana, then moved to the UK to practise here…”

Good luck to anyone who chooses to participate and to the programme makers. Let’s hope it turns out to be a positive portrayal of Ghana and Ghanaians and a realistic portrayal of difficulties (and successes) experienced.

On a slightly tangentially related note, my secret claim to fame is being filmed for a clip in a Japanese game show many, many moons ago. Fun experience it was too (though far less high brow 🙂 ).

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