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Stella Coin Street Festival 2004


Stella Chiweshe, Coin Street Festival 2004Stella Chiweshe got my vote simply for being a woman making it in a male dominated world of Mbira (African thumb piano) playing.

Then I listened to her performance and was won over by that as well ... completely hypnotic and really quite relaxing just letting the music wash over you.

You don't often see the Mbira being played (not round these parts anyway) and it was fascinating to watch Stella in action.

As well has obvious prowess at Mbira playing, her strong chanting and entertaining personality kept the crowd pretty riveted for the duration of her performances.

I might even have to track down and treat myself to one or more of her albums in the near future.

Find out more about Stella (including samples of her music) on her website www.stellachiweshe.co.zw/ (link opens in new browser window). And if she's ever playing in a town near you, check her out, you won't be disappointed!


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