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Oojami Coin Street Festival 2004

Oojami, Coin Street Festival 2004
The North London based Oojami are fantastic.

I'd not seen them perform prior to the festival -- in fact I didn't think I'd ever even heard of them (but as I've seen the film "dirty pretty things", which their music provides the soundtrack for, I knew of them without knowing it -- if you get what I mean).

Oojami definitely left their mark on me and I shall be seeking them out in future. So quite handy that they're playing a few more gigs in the coming months. Check out their web site for more information http://www.oojami.co.uk/ (link opens in new browser window).

Their great blend of Turkish music fused with "eclectic dance beats of the London underground dance massive", complete with a Whirling Dervish, and belly dancers had the crowd jumping, cheering and gagging for more. The band looked like they were really enjoying themselves too (which greatly adds to a performance I find...).



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