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The Alhama La Maroma mountain sits in the Parque Natural and rises over 2000 metres. We'd psyched ourselves up to do this one all week so were pretty disappointed to wake up to find everywhere shrouded in thick mountain mist - with no prospect of any better weather on the horizon.

Still, thinking wishfully, we decided to walk up to the start of the walk at the Alcazar in the Parque Natural.

My walking companion was still game to give it a go, but when the second ranger that passed us told us sternly to stick to the main track and not go up high we had no option to give up on the idea and hope the next day's weather would be better. Besides, one of the points of going up Maroma was for the view, so there wasn't a lot of point doing it in the fog.

Instead we took a walk to the standing stones down the track from the Alcazar and continued walking along the main track hoping to spot something interesting. Even in the fog the everything was pretty atmospheric and it was still possible to get in a good few hours' walking.

Unfortunately the next days' weather wasn't much cop to start off with so we did a low walk from Alcaucin to Espino. La Maroma will have to wait til my next visit ...

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