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Gouging out a gorge of my own at Hokitika 2

Cruisy day yesterday. Late start then eventually I got myself down to Hokitika Gorge. Before I even got a chance to see it though, I’d backed myself into a small and very innocuous looking puddle. 10 mins of wheel spinning and burning rubber later and I was getting nowhere. Luckily there were a couple of people about. Firstly nice French woman tried to help and we jointly got nowhere. Then […]

What a difference a day makes 2

Yesterday the rain finally stopped so I got to see what all the glacier fuss was about. Fox Glacier is pretty damn awesome. Fox Glacier: After me glacier fix, stopped off at Franz Josef Glacier for lunch then made my way slowly up to Hokitika. But first… a stop for a few hours in Okarito, for an awesome walk up to Okarito Trig and panoramic views of 3 Mile Lagoon […]

Grey day at the glacier 1

Pissing down with rain here at Fox Glacier today but the plan is, if I stay in this cybercafé long enough the weather will clear enough for the roads to the glacier to reopen. Damp weather has in no way dampened my spirits though. It’s still warm and the view is still there (well the bit that’s not under cloud anyway). Had a really nice meal last night in Café […]

West coast adventure begins… with a feast for the sandflies 3

I am fast running out of adjectives to describe the wonderfulness of my journey. Sadly said goodbye to Wanaka this morning. I thought Lake Wanaka was big but… Lake Hawea just outside is bloody ginormous. Must have driven for a good 40Km and was still driving down just one side of it. Stunning, stunning, drive up to Fox Glacier (haven’t visited yet as it took me all day to get […]

Bad hair day at Aoraki / Mt Cook 3

Have been having an amazing couple of days. Left Wanaka yesterday for a trip to Aoraki (which is the Maori name for Mount Cook and means cloud piercer) and an overnight stay. A stunning drive pretty much all the way, and on entering Aoraki National Park the views were just breathtaking. Blue-glacier covered mountains, milky turquoise lakes… Aoraki: Lake Pukaki: Stopped off at Glentanner about 25Km from Mt Cook Village […]

Beautiful day for a bike ride…

Today, I went for a beautiful bike ride from Wanaka to Albert town around Lake Wanaka. Compared to the saddle on the bike I had for my ride on Otago Peninsular, this saddle was fit for the princess and the pea. The guys at Thunderbikes on Helwick St. were great, helpful, good directions (not that it was at all difficult but very patient) and nice bikes. The ride itself was […]

Happy New Year from Sunny Wanaka 2

Well last night’s New Year celebrations were fun. Saw in 2008 from the lake front in beautiful Wanaka. Lovely sunny evening. Started off with Thai Meal (sweet and sour fish for those interested in my dietary habits) then went down to watch the bands. Loads of people out dancing and having fun, myself amongst them. Managed to stay up long enough to watch the fireworks go off at midnight and […]

Goodbye Te Anau… Hello Wanaka

Had a good night out night before last. Was just wandering along lakeside and was lured into a local bar by the sound of live music. Really good band as it turned out. It seems the mullet (hairstyle as opposed to fish) is alive and well in this part of NZ (or perhaps it never left). Sported by about one in four young drunken lads who together with the great […]

Milford 7

Well the road to Milford and Milford Sound Cruise have completely blown me away. All unbelievably awesome huuuge views. I simply don’t have the vocabulary to describe what the last couple of days have been like. Well they say a picture tells a thousand words so here goes: On the road from Te Anau to Milford … Mirror Lakes Big Mountains … The Chasm: Milford Sound from shoreline walk Waterfall, […]

Te Anau 4

Hurrah, Christmas out of the way for another year. I had a really nice one. Christmas eve mooched round Dunedin during the day. In the evening had really good penguin encounter. Saw loads of them, lots of cute fluffy chicks too and was able to get up close. Got up late ish to a beautiful sunny Christmas morning and had a leisurely Christmas brekky. Then went for a fantastic 3 […]