Yearly Archives: 2012

F**k me another serpentine visitor!

So we’re sitting around in the evening chillin’ and listening to Deidre Cartwright and co. Tune Up Turn On Stretch Out – Sarah P on vocals and all is fab with the world. There’s been just enough light drizzle in the afternoon to cool things down a bit (been a really hot day), and bring out the wonderful scent of Eucalyptus.  I glance up at the sky which is beautiful. […]

Sunrise and the wallaby

I like to get in at least one sunrise when in foreign climes. Still suffering slightly from jet lag meant I was up with the cicadas from about 4.30 am so thought I might as well get up and see what I could see. The view from here bathed in early morning sunlight is all the more stunning. In the words of the Aussie icon Rolf Harris… “Sun arise, she […]

Down on the mango farm 2

Another very relaxing morning up on the hill. A lovely splash around in the pool then out for a constitutional down on the mango farm. Unfortunately by the time I got this together it was a case of mad dogs (the mad dog being Sam the ginormous but very friendly Lab/Great Dane cross) and Englishmen out in the noonday sun… pretty damn hot. Didn’t mind so much though, given the […]

Tiger by the pool 2

So  after a very pleasant and relaxing day, we’ve had dinner, music is cranking out, we’re dancing and drumming like wild things… Suddenly I spot a movement by the pool. It’s a tiger! A Tiger Snake that is. Fascinated as I am by these creatures I lean over the deck to take a closer look and call dj over. Lucky I did…”That’s not a good snake, that’s not a good […]

Back on the road again… 5

Great to back on the road again! After arduous journey of 22 hours flying, followed by a 3 hour drive, it all seems worth it now to get to this wonderful location. Having a brief stop in Oz for a few days with me good ole mate dj before heading off camervanning in New Zealand again. Beaut sunny morning and the sound of the wildlife (pleasantly) deafening – rich coming […]

Home again :-(

The last day of a wonderful trip which as ever, ended all too quickly. Thanks to everyone who made us feel so welcome, Thelma Dougie and the dogs our wonderful hosts in Tobago, Norma and family at Norma’s Bed and Breakfast in Trinidad, Parish for the driving, Gervais for the hiking. Check out loads more photos of the trip and get yourself there if you can, you won’t regret it!

Rain in the rainforest – a hike to Celery Bay

Good old Gervais had a real treat planned for us today. A trek through the rain forest to Celery Bay. All downhill too (ah, of course that meant all uphill on the way back…). The hike was amazing and followed a trail c180-200 years old, used to bring fish up from the beach. Our hike took in almond trees, green parrots, the very noisy traditional bird of T and T, […]

Sunset at Irvine Bay

Had a very chilled day around the appartment, playing games, eating and generally slobbing about. It was a beautiful sunny day so we were looking forward to a late afternoon watching the sunset at Irvine bay about 40 minutes walk from our appartment. And what a truly fabulous treat it was… The it was off to bed for an early night – 7 am hike tomorrow…

A drive round the island

Thelma and Dougie very kindly treated us to a whistlestop tour of the island (they don’t do this for just anyone you know, so don’t get your hopes up 😉 ). Out round the island tour took in James Fort, Plymouth (site of the oldest fort in Tobago), Footprints Eco Resort (including a quick drink and a game of pool) and a haunted, huge, Silk Cotton Tree, the oldest on […]

A waterfall with actual err… water, falling

Started the day with one of my fabulous (even if I say so myself) cooked breakfasts and fruit salads in preparation for out planned guided hike up to a waterfall. At the arranged time the lovely Gervais, our guide for the afternoon, picked us up and off we went to Highland Falls. A pleasant, gentle work with the odd river crossing and final destination of a stunning water fall. After […]