Yearly Archives: 2007

Women’s footy world cup – semi final…

As an ex footy player meself (ahem) I was glued to the matches I could get on my not quite satellite or cable but slightly better than terrestrial TV. What a great tournament the Women’s Football World Cup has turned out to be. A shame it hasn’t had more main stream coverage. Brazil vs USA semi final was a classic game marred only by the nonsense that was Hope Solo’s […]

Brighton Pride 4

After weeks of rain, finally the sun came out in force for Brighton Pride. Missed the parade but wandered over to the women’s tent and caught some great acts including  The Mad’Moiselles, Greymatter and Al Start (I totally fell in love with the bass line of Take it Back). Somehow I managed to wander around all day with me camera and not take any photos. However take my word for […]


You could be forgiven for thinking I’m a half hearted slug of a blogger. It has been a long time since my last post it’s true. It’s not that nothing’s been happening. Au contraire I’ve been busy … In between troubleshooting and sorting out problems with the site, have been out and about catching up with friends and family but … Most of all have been (obsessively(?)) planning my next […]

Africa Day

Another bank holiday pissing down with rain. Undeterred (sorta) went down for the last bit of Africa Day in Trafalgar Sq. Hardier folk than we had braved most of the day and though the turnout could’ve been better the vibe was great. Disappointed to have got there too late to catch Miriam Makeba we nevertheless had a great hour or so skanking it up with the fabulous Misty in Roots […]

Aracena the story

Have at last got round to sticking up some more photos so check out what I got up to while walking in La Sierra de Aracena, Spain. More photos of the trip on photography pages. Thanks to Rosie and Ju of Lottsa Women Walking and the other women on the holiday for a great time.

Viva Aracena

At the beginning of the week the forecast looked like it would be wall to wall rain for my time in Spain. But nearer to leaving my heart is well, heartened to find that it may well be wall to wall sunshine instead. Off to bed to dream of cloudless skies, spring flowers, great eating and blissfully chilled days. Watch this space …

This Is England

Decided to take my own advice from previous post, get out more. So tonight decided not to do my usual leave work and spend evening idly surfing the net thing and took meself off to the cinema to see This Is England.   I was semi prepared for it to be a pretty depressing film but was pleasantly surprised. That’s not to say parts of the film weren’t depressing (what […]

Blimey what’s going on …

… I don’t normally do this much culture in one go! But over the weekend saw an excellent but somewhat depressing play by Bea Campbell and Judith Jones called Blame. Exceedingly well acted, strong, gripping storyline but utterly, utterly depressing. Fortunately (or so I thought) had some good cheer on the horizon with comedy in the form of Lee Hurst’s one man show at his Backyard Comedy Club. The first […]